Ather Energy

Ather Energy

Ather Energy

In 2013 Ather Energy was created by two IIT madras graduates Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain. After that, they were getting more investments to increase the production, sales, and manufacturing plant. In 2016 the company launched its First model in technological conference surge. The first model of the Ather Energy scooter is the S350. In the initial stage, the company produced a few thousand scooters. After getting more funding they increase that up to 40,000 per year. Meanwhile, they decided to increase production based on the demand. The Company opened another Plant in Hosur, Krishnagiri with the help of the Tamilnadu Government. It helped the company to produce 1,20,000 scooters and 1,20,000 batteries.


  1. Flipkart founder : $1 Million –  2014
  2. Tiger Global : Rs 12 Million – 2015
  3. Hero MotoCorp : Rs 27 Million – 2016
  4. Hero MotoCorp : Rs 18 – Million – 2018
  5. Flipkart founder : Rs  32 Million – 2019
  6. Hero MotoCorp : Rs 19 Million – 2019
  7. Hero MotoCorp : Rs 11.4 Million – 2020 July
  8. Flipkart founder : Rs  23 Million – 2020 Nov
  9. Hero MotoCorp : Rs 12 Million – 2020 Nov


Now Ather Energy produces 1 scooter in just 4 minutes after the expansion of plants. The company established its product in 27 cities across 15 States.

Why Hosur :

They were looking to build the plants as close to their headquarters in Bangalore. And they are buying 90 percent of components for their scooters from locally 


  • Ather S350
  • Ather 450
  • Ather 450 Plus
  • Ather 450 x Pro
  • Ather 450 x series 1
    • Ather S350 – Ather S350 is the First e-scooter of Ather Energy. The. company stopped the production of S350 for low demand. The S350 demand was decreased when the launched Ather 450.
    • Ather 450 – Ather 450 production also stopped because the company upgrades the 450 scooters to 450 Plus. 
    • Ather 450 plus – Ather 450 plus was an upgraded version of Ather 450. These are pollution-free. It attains 80 km/hr top speed.
    • Ather 450X pro – Ather 450X Pro is made to achieve more range and power. They are also concentrating on digital features and fast charging. The battery and motor Ather using this variant is lithium-ion and PMS motor.
    • Ather 450 X series 1 – It is a limited edition of Ather energy company. They are starting their series in Nov 2020

Ather Grid

Ather Grid was Ather Energies own charging setup. These Ather grid charging points are suitable for other scooters. These Dc fast charging points target Ather 1km/1 min goal. Installed more than 120 Ather grids in 18 cities all over India. They are targeting 300 Ather grids across India in 2021.

Ather Dot

Now they are introducing Ather’s dot for Ather users. These Ather Dots are used to charge your vehicle at home. They are providing OTA updates for your vehicle.